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Pharmaceutical Packaging

B350/B700 Pharmaceutical Insert Feeder

Applications: These custom pharmaceutical feeders are specifically designed for use within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The feeder integrates with any bar code or vision system and with the inline reject, product lock box and count totalizers, the feeders provide 100% validation of pharmaceutical leaflets, transdermal patches etc. The B350/B700 comes in a variety of widths and has the flexibility to fit all packaging or cartoning systems.


Longford has been designing and manufacturing custom feeders for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry for over 40 years. Longford feeders are used extensively for the feeding and validation of Pharmaceutical Leaflets, insertion of syringes, scoops, desiccants as well as full track and trace systems for both cartons and leaflets. All Longford feeder systems easily integrate with any new or existing OEM packaging system as well as ancillary products such as printers, bar code readers and vision systems.

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System

Applications: The Longford Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System has several configurations available according to the specific application requirements and whether it will be part of an online system or offline. Printing and visual inspection options include linear, 2D or pharma code barcodes, OCR date and lot codes or full page image, capture and compare and an inline reject ensures 100% validation of all product entering the production stream. Full closed loop audit trail and long term historical track and trace is available as a standalone system or can be customized to interface with any existing database or MRP system.


SF375 Sachet Feeder

Applications: These high speed desiccant/sachet pouch feeders are specifically designed with the flexibility to fit all types of packaging systems such as cartoners, VFFS and HFFS. The SF375 can feed liquid, granular or powder pouches such as desiccants, sauces, shampoo, powdered cheese etc or flat coupons and premiums. Also available in stainless steel washdown configuration.


3D901 Three Dimensional Feeder

Applications: The 3D901 feeder is specifically designed to handle three dimensional products overwrapped in a continuous web (bandolier) format for insertion cartons, bags on automated packaging lines. Products range from small toys or promotional items to pharmaceutical scoops, eye droppers etc.
Also available in stainless steel washdown configuration.


PF700 High Speed Pouch Feeder

Applications: The PF375 was developed to feed spice packs, seasoning packs, sauce packs etc., from a continuous bandolier format and insert into the buckets of cartoning lines or into the forming tube of a VFFS. The PF375 comes with a heavy duty powered unwind to draw the product out of the storage gantry, allow for perfect product tension through the system and comes standard with splice detection and end of web detection.
Also available in stainless steel washdown configuration.


C350/C700 Friction Feeder

Applications: These high speed feeders are specifically designed with the flexibility to fit all packaging and print finishing systems, from a single feeder on a cartoning line to complete turnkey collation systems. The C350/C700 series of feeders can be configured in either a single or batch feed mode, easily integrate with OEM equipment such as vision systems and printers and come in over 100 exit lengths and styles.


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