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Polagra - Tech, Poland, September 30th, 2019

LONGFORD today exhibited a friction feeder on the stand of Fenix Systems at the Polagra - Tech packaging exhibition in Poznan, Poland.

The feeder demonstrated how to insert a variety of in pack items into VFFS applications. The exhibitions comes on the heels of several successful feeder installations in Poland by Longford Europe NV.


On the the left Julian Krupski of Fenix Systems
and Pieter den Boef of Longford Europe on the right.


Mumbai, India. - May 1st, 2019

LONGFORD, today announced they have installed a high speed C350 feeder with an auto loader on a Bobst folder gluer for Budhraja Packaging PVT LTD. The custom feeder will allow Budhraja to accurately feed and affix Pharmaceutical and other medical leaflets onto pharmaceutical cartons at high speed with very tight tolerance.

Pictured below is the team that put the successful project together.

1. Mr. Nain, Longford Technician

2. Mr. Ashwin Budhraja, Director of Budhraja Packaging PVT LTD.

3. Mr. Anirudh Chandak, Sales & Service Engineer from Novel

Ralf Korz, Operations Director, Katz Group (Left)
Kurt Knaepen, Service Engineer, Longford International (Right)

Toronto, Canada - January 17th, 2019

LONGFORD has added cutting capacity and volume with the procurement of two CNC semi-automatic / automatic horizontal bandsaws with up to 26” cutting capacity.

These heavy duty horizontal bandsaws provide quick and efficient, single cutting of any material be it solid forgings, slabs, profiles, molds or bundled material.

These additional capital investments made by LONGFORD will enable faster turnaround for specific feeder machine parts used by clients in over 90 countries.


On left Terry Ratchford of Paragon, Nottingham UK
and on the right Graham Collisson of Longford Europe.

Terry Ratchford Finishing & DM Manager said...

"We purchased this Longford Feeder to replace old and inadequate equipment.  The Longford Feeder gives us the speed and placement accuracy that we need for tipping onto our Bobst folder glued used in the mailing industry"

Paragon Print Ltd Nottingham, UK.


Norwich UK, May 3rd, 2019

LONGFORD announces the installation of an automatic batch counter/ banding system for cosmetic and pharmaceutical cartons.

Paul Densley,
Operations Director, Castle Colour Ltd'

"We have increased production, reduced manpower and lowered costs with the Longford Feeding and Banding System’"

On the left Graham Collisson of Longford Europe and Paul Dempsey of Castle Colour, Norwich, UK.


Labelexpo Brussels Belgium, September 25th, 2019

LONGFORD is pleased to announce the installation of an OS700 booklet feeder system to industry leader Pitkit of Israel.

Zeev Blajwajs - “After many years of discussions we finally decided to purchase the OS700X from LONGFORD. Longford are the experts and industry leaders in booklet insertion and we are very glad to finally have a OS700X

Photo: from left to right

Aliza Jenach, Manager Graphics & Pre Press Pitkit

Jacob Boberman, Sales & Service PBA Wiesner (Agent)

Zeev Blajwajs, Managing Director Pitkit

Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager Longford

Weisenbach, Germany - October 25th, 2017

LONGFORD today announced the installation of a custom collator and packaging line for beer coasters situated at the Katz Group, in Weisenbach, Germany.

Said Mr Korz...
“Investing in the Longford system opens up new possibilities for Katz in the market

Katz is considered the world leader in custom beer and drink coasters used to promote brand awareness and client interaction, worldwide.


Balev Corporation, Varna, Bulgaria - August 28th, 2017

LONGFORD recently installed a very custom packaging system at Balev Corporation in Bulgaria. The special line will package high quality, car air freshener products for Balev, which is a world leader in this special market niche.

The Balev project manager, Lyubomir Ivanov stated...

" Although the project was very technically challenging, Longford worked hard to achieve the demanding specifications put forth by Balev. In the end, all parties were happy and a very positive outcome was achieved."

Lyubomir Ivanov, Project Manager, Balev Corporation
Mr. Joris Ummels, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Left)


Labelexpo 2017, Brussels, Belgium - September 27th, 2017

LONGFORD today announced the sale and installation of a model OS700X feeder for the creation and finishing of Extended Content Labels (ECL) for the Pharmaceutical label market.

Christos Soulakos, Soulakos Graphic Arts S.A Greece (Right)
Steve Watkins, Sales Manager, Longford International (Left)

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