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Anton Group in Essex, UK makes investment in finishing technology with an investment in Longford kit.

Mr. Godbold said,

"Longford is the premier supplier of feeders and we needed a very reliable, high speed system for tipping that was robust enough to work 7/24 when needed."


Mr. Dan Godbold (Left)
Mr. Graham Collisson (Right)

Long time client of Longford, Clondalkin PHARMA in Dublin Ireland, has invested in a special Longford Feeder with an image verification system from Lake Image.  The system will feed, read, verify and reject bad packs for special security print documents.


Larry Byrne (Right)
Clondalkin PHARMA, Dublin

Graham Collisson (Left)
Longford Europe

LONGFORD IT Manager and avid cyclist Francis Zita (and his sons, Francis Jr./Christopher) rode in the Charity 'Ride for Heart' on Sunday, June 2, in Toronto, Canada. 

Longford made a contribution to his ride and in doing so,
benefitted this good cause.


Certis Europe of Wye, UK, has invested in a speciality Longford feeding system with an integrated Glue applicator and Self Adhesive Labeller.

Certis Europe are a leading crop protection business that provide a wide range of innovative crop protection solutions.

Longford was charged with designing and manufacturing a production system to feed and adhere sachets to a laminated film. In addition the same system had to apply a glue to the film and cover with a Self Adhesive Label.

The result was a custom designed system that incorporates a Longford Feeder complete with Autoloader, a Glue system and a Self Adhesive labeller.

Richard Wren, Maintenance Engineer of Certis Europe

‘We are absolutely delighted, Longford designed and manufactured the system to our precise requirements’.

Left to right:

Ghulam Hayder – Production Manager

Richard Wren – Maintenance Manager

Graham Collisson- Longford Europe

David Roome – Logistics & H&S Manag, Dublin


Nicholas & Harris Ltd, part of the Finsbury Food Group, UK, has invested in Two speciality Longford Feeders with integrated Card Folding plows.

Josh Heydon, Operations Director of Nicholas & Harris,

“Following a site visit to see a system in operation, we were convinced that Longford had the capability and expertise to build the feeders we required. Longford’s service and attention to detail has been second to none.”


Interpack Exhibition, May 12, 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany

Lana Printing in Karlovac, Croatia today announces a large investment in another Longford Piggyback Finishing Line. The custom system will round out Lana's long term commitment to the Healthcare/ Pharma Packaging industry.

Said Ivan Ceskovic,

‘ We have known the Longford team for many years and are delighted with the productivity, flexibility and price point of the Piggyback system. This scalable line will buttress our position to be the largest and most aggressive player in this Healthcare Packaging space, in the East Block. We are convinced, long term, that the Healthcare / Pharma care industry will flourish, and so will follow the three packaging platforms Booklet Label ( ECL ) Piggyback and Folder Gluer ( Leaflet in a box ) applications. Since Longford is the only vendor that offers all three catagories, we have comfort that we are in good hands, going forward.’


Left to right, Kurt Knaepen, Longford,
Gordan Bozicevic of Lana,
Ivan Ceskovic of Lana and Carl White of Longford.

Interpack Exhibition, May 14, 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany

Conti Labels Belgium announces sizeable investment in a Booklet Label (ECL) system from Longford. Speciality Niche Label Market player Conti Label from Belgium today announced an investment in the Longford OS700 Booklet Label Feeder used primarily in Pharma and Healthcare packaging applications.

Said Hugo Vanchaze of Longford

"We have known the Conti Team for many years and are delighted they have chosen us as the vendor of choice for this project"
This model OS700 will enable them to expand there Healthcare ECL offering in both capacity and flexibilty. The system will be delivered directly after the Interpack Fair to Conti’s modern Plant in West Belgium.

Russian Salad producer Belaya Dacha has just installed two Longford 3D901 Bandolier Feeders to insert salad dressing into their packs of fresh mixed salad. They are located in the town of Elabuga, Tatarstan, Russian Federation.  The second system is installed in their plant near Moscow, Russia.


On the left is Kurt Knaepen of Longford Europe and on the right Marat Gaifullin of Belaya Dacha Company.


“Ginova UK Ltd. of Maidstone, Kent, UK, has invested in a speciality Longford Feeding System with an integrated Self Adheshive Labeler.

“For years we have been applying Labels to our packs by hand which is not only time consuming but costly as well. Longford have designed and manufactured a Feeder that incorporates a Premier Labellers P100 Self Adhesive Labeller.

Richard Prout, Production Manager, Ginova UK Ltd. (Left)
Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Right)


Longford International and Prati Company the combined industry leaders for the creation of ECL/Booklet labels are proud to announce another successful installation of their offline booklet solution. Utilizing the Longford OS700X Triple Motor Booklet Feeder integrated into the Prati VegaPlus Booklet Machine the combined system is the fastest and most accurate ECL/Booklet system available in the world with installations in 18 countries on 6 continents.

Steve Watkins, Sales Manager of Longford International comments:

“Longford International and Prati Machinery are both well known for supplying cutting edge, high quality equipment for the label industry. Our strong engineering background and great technical support have allowed us to offer the best solution for offline booklet label production with unmatched flexibility, speed and accuracy as well as developing custom solutions for growing industry demands.”

Chiara Prati, Sales & Marketing Manager of Prati Company, commented on the consolidated partnership between the two companies:

“Longford International is a key supplier and thanks to our close relationship, we are able to fit our equipment with solutions that are perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs, especially if we consider the growing demand for booklet label processing, an area where our latest solutions are a clear benchmark.”

“We always get the answers we need from Longford’s technical support department. That’s why I believe our partnership can only be a benefit to our customers. The feeders are fully integrated into our systems and perform just as we would expect them to.” says Stefano Pini, Senior R&D Engineer at Prati Company.



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Drupa exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany, June 2, 2016

Longford announces the inaugural installation of a high speed tipping system with based Pharma Printer, Pragati, based in Hyderabad India.  The custom feeding system will allow Pragati to offer their clients an integrated solution of folded pharma leaflets tipped on top of folded cartons. This approach will allow Pragati to almost double revenue per piece and further allow their clients an easier set up of their packing line.

Mr. Hemanth Paruchuri, Pragati. (Right)
Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Left)

Drupa Exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany, June 7, 2016

GRIFOLL Spain announces an investment in a custom Longford finishing and feeder system. The system was finalized at Drupa on June 7, 2016. Mr A. Vert commended,

"We have some Longford feeding systems now and we needed a very special feeder and transport system that offered a very high efficiency and low cost of ownership.

Longford proposed a unique design with a small footprint that allows us to use our current production layout without disruption of process."


June 10, 2016, Wellen, Belgium

Longford Europe announces a new showroom and demonstration facility in Wellen, Belgium. Longford, established in Europe in 1993 has just opened a new showroom in the Flemish Belgian Town of Wellen. It is around 10km from the previous address in Hasselt. The new 800 square meter (8000 square foot) facility will be the depot for client support in the UK and all European markets. With a large parts inventory and capability to rebuild and refurbish machinery, it is the perfect central European location.


Interpack Exhibition Düsseldorf Germany May 5,2017

Sayga Food Industries in Sudan just purchased a 3D Feeder for Dal Food Group

"Longford came highly recommended and will supply us with a high quality, durable system"

Humayan Kabir (Left) and Arun Kumar (Right)
Graham Collisson, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Middle)


Interpack Exhibition Düsseldorf Germany May 10, 2017

TDC, Technical Development Corporation,, The Netherlands, purchased a C350 leaflet feeder for integration into an existing canned tobacco packaging line.

"We know Longford for their high quality, easy to integrate and durable solutions

Mr. Albert Bijsterbosch, Service Manager, TDC (ITM Group) (Left)
Mr. Joris Ummels, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Right)


Balev Corporation, Varna, Bulgaria - August 28th, 2017

LONGFORD recently installed a very custom packaging system at Balev Corporation in Bulgaria. The special line will package high quality, car air freshener products for Balev, which is a world leader in this special market niche.

The Balev project manager, Lyubomir Ivanov stated...

" Although the project was very technically challenging, Longford worked hard to achieve the demanding specifications put forth by Balev. In the end, all parties were happy and a very positive outcome was achieved."

Lyubomir Ivanov, Project Manager, Balev Corporation
Mr. Joris Ummels, Area Sales Manager, Longford Europe (Left)


Labelexpo 2017, Brussels, Belgium - September 27th, 2017

LONGFORD today announced the sale and installation of a model OS700X feeder for the creation and finishing of Extended Content Labels (ECL) for the Pharmaceutical label market.

Christos Soulakos, Soulakos Graphic Arts S.A Greece (Right)
Steve Watkins, Sales Manager, Longford International (Left)

Longford International announces two more capital investments in plant productivity.

Longford recently installed two new custom machines to help in the manufacture of quick turn around custom client parts.


The first installation is a model EASY FAB brake press from manufacturer MSI.

The Second installation is a model VF2 HASS CNC milling machine.
This system will allow Longford to manufacture custom client parts for rapid delivery shipments.


Weisenbach, Germany - October 25th, 2017

LONGFORD today announced the installation of a custom collator and packaging line for beer coasters situated at the Katz Group, in Weisenbach, Germany.

Said Mr Korz...
“Investing in the Longford system opens up new possibilities for Katz in the market

Katz is considered the world leader in custom beer and drink coasters used to promote brand awareness and client interaction, worldwide.

Ralf Korz, Operations Director, Katz Group (Left)
Kurt Knaepen, Service Engineer, Longford International (Right)


Toronto, Canada - January 17th, 2019

LONGFORD has added cutting capacity and volume with the procurement of two CNC semi-automatic / automatic horizontal bandsaws with up to 26” cutting capacity.

These heavy duty horizontal bandsaws provide quick and efficient, single cutting of any material be it solid forgings, slabs, profiles, molds or bundled material.

These additional capital investments made by LONGFORD will enable faster turnaround for specific feeder machine parts used by clients in over 90 countries.